Field + Fleur

2 Wick Handwoven Candles

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  • Beach Wood:  All fragrance lovers know that a great fragrance balances elements of light and dark, fresh and heady and Beach Woods is just that. With light top and middle notes of peach, orange blossom and saffron, and grounding scents of moss, amber and sandalwood, Beach Woods adds sophistication and elegance to everyday living. Burn time 85+ hours. Made in the USA.
  • Coastal Balsam:  Clean fresh soothing scent of Fleur de Sel, sea lavender, eucalyptus leaf, fresh balsam, cedar wood and musk.  Made in the USA Burn time 85+ hours
  • Cut Grass:  With top notes of clover and green grass, this fragrance finishes with fresh-cut wisteria and jasmine. The perfect home fragrance for the woman who wears citrus-based perfumes and colognes.  Burn time 85+ hours.  Made in the USA
  • White Pine:  With bright crisp notes of fresh grass, citrus peel and pine-this is an unforgettable scent.  It's light and fresh and nothing like the typical holiday pine candles.  Made in the USA Burn time 85+ hours


Photo Credit:  Filed + Fleur

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